Information for Students

Getting Involved in Research

We are a highly motivated, hard-working group and value cooperation and dedication to psychological inquiry. Students in the lab gain invaluable experience conducting research that prepares them for a variety of graduate school programs and future careers. If you are a student interested in researching in the lab (volunteer, independent study 403, or summer/senior research) please contact Professor Peterson (lmpeterson “at” brynmawr “dot” edu) and she will let you know whether or not there is a current search for student researchers and provide you with a form to fill out. Previous lab experience is not required, but we prioritize students who have taken both Introductory Psychology and Health Psychology coursework at Bryn Mawr. Most research roles require a 2-semester commitment with many students engaging in 3+ semesters of lab involvement in various capacities.


Any questions about classes can be directed via email to Professor Peterson (lmpeterson “at” brynmawr “dot” edu).

Letters of Recommendation Policies

If you are interested in a letter of recommendation for any reason (e.g., graduate school, study abroad, internships) the first question you should consider is whether I (Professor Peterson) am the appropriate reference for the position you are seeking. Here is some useful advice on developing relationships and identifying effective letter writers. You should then ask me at least 3 weeks in advance of the due date to ensure that I am well-positioned to write you a strong letter and have time. If we agree to move forward with me as your reference, my goal is to write you the strongest letter possible. To do that requires ample time and background information. This Recommendation Personal Bio and Request Form reviews the necessary materials as well as letter-writing policies. Please review it and send me all the necessary information in an organized email two weeks before the letter is due. As a fail-safe, I also encourage you to email me 48 hours before the letter is due to politely remind me of the due date and time.